The year is AF 10. It’s been a decade since the TITANs devastated the planet waging a scorched earth campaign against us. By ‘us’, I mean humans. Well, I mean transhumans. Humanity has achieved amazing things. We are no longer confined to the bodies we were born into. Our minds, all of the information jumping from synapse to synapse, can now be downloaded and transferred from one body to another. We have become something more than just human. We’re in an evolutionary, transitional phase. We are transhuman.

Now, ten years after The Fall, transhumanity has moved on from the home of their evolutionary origins. To some, Earth is nothing more than a burnt out rock. To others it’s a get rich quick scheme. But, to a small few it represents an an ideal that must be reclaimed. Now, something ‘down there’ needs to be addressed. No matter your opinion of the planet, you are needed to return to the dark earth.

The Dark Earth

Image tetnak Rhodricc salvador_placensia